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Trip taken shortly after beginning of hiatus #2 end of April 2011. Yosemite in a season which I had never visited and hoped for frazil ice, but it was not quite cold enough.

Day One: After arrival to Camp Four, did Yosemite Falls hike, one of the most grueling low-mileage treks I've ever done.  Real painful, but worth it.

         This last one actually from the next morning early  Video action of the falls.

Day Two: Was exhausted so only did some light car sightseeing and setting up chair to admire various views and read.  No booze (other than small amount at camp).

Bridal Veil Falls        

Day Three: Drove out of the valley and into Hetch Hetchy section to do a short hike to a popular waterfall.  Not a bad area even with the dam.

View of valley as leaving              

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