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I will put on pictures slowly as I decide what is worth showing. They will be in no particular order. Last updated 01/20/2003.

Waking up from a not-so restful sleep in the car, the sunrise highlights the challenge laying ahead of us.

Lone Pine Lake, a short journey from the bottom.

After the trees end, it's rock, and a lot of it.

Nice Shot from high up on the final trail crest ascent of two lakes far below along and mountains far across the valley.

On the way down, you get a sight of what you just came up and it makes you really glad to be going down. Here we see a fraction of the 99 switchbacks from the trail camp to the trail crest.

After the trail crest, you have pass behind the intermediate peaks before the final ascent. Here's what the look like.

From the middle of the mountain, the top look far away still.

We got a sweet spot at the trail camp with a wind block set up, near the lake, and away from the naaasty toilets, which we could still smell 200 yards away.

Snow has survived the summer in the shade near the top as we begin the switchbacks.

The final approach to the peak involved going behind the mountain after the trail crest. This is where some tricky parts with big drops gave one a bit of a scare, especially when a little light-headed from the thin air. Here's a look at the floor on this side of the mountain.

From the top, a bird chilling and a long way down. Also, a weird lake of snowmelt that looks like it was just stamped out in the rock.

Basic shot of rock from the top. Simple, but powerful.

Another view of the backside valley taken on after returning from the top. Some fools ahead of us on the return indicate the massive scale of rock action at this place.

Nice view of the white rock through some trees, still a long way from the top.

Close up of some rock, as we head for the final ascent.

A nice contrast of greenery from the snowmelt runoff with the rock

Major Rocks

Not sure, but nice

Some darker rock, I'm not sure what part of the mountain this is from, but looks like the back side view.