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Sadly, in my time going to school in San Diego, I never ventured into Mexico beyond Tiajuna. So as my friend Peter is a real aficionado of Ensenada and it not being too far a drive past the border, but far enough to get away from the scum of the border and the frat boys of Rosarito, we decided on a two day venture. First night, checked out Peter and Marisa's pad in Santa Monica and though I'm not a fan of LA, this area is very cool to live in, especially if you work nearby and don't have to brave the freeways.

First stop, Mexican car insurance in San Ysidro. Convenient drive-thru service, though we walked in.

Nice view of the coast south with me on a wall of some crumbling nightclub along the highway towards Ensenada.

This Ensenada strip club in the day seems a bit less classy than it did the night before.

more to come...