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Trip taken September 2013 consitsting of about a week visiting Tony in Japan, then week in Thailand, mainly at a little resort an hour north of Phucket:

Japan Portion

Friend Tony was working in Japan for 6 months so figured was a good excuse to visit the country. Met at the airport, then stayed the night in Tokyo. Some bad weather hit, but we made it around the country pretty well and it was good except for the fish market being closed due to holiday.
Nice complicated subway map in the airport station Cool shrine thing on this island near Hiroshima More Island More Island
Atop a mountain on the island; Pretty good hike to get up here. Another Nice View Odd advertisement in train station Nice garden
Cool castle and moat Another hike view Clifford Bus at Crazy Intersection Madness Intersection; Most people I've ever seen crossing a street at the same time. Good diagonal action.
Crazy Tokyo Giants Mascot. Fans do a lot of organized cheering and beer girls come by every 30 seconds in the stands. Nice Garden in Tokyo Cool Kurobe Gorge visited. This was out of the way but very sweet hydroelectric complex, but still great natural wonder and not too spoiled Vid from Railway in Gorge. The workers also took this mode of transportation to get into the gorge to do whatever they do.
Awesome beverage I had about 15 of, including in the airport. Cheap and tasty and strong with a good grip

Thailand Portion

Not a lot of pictures as mainly just lounged by the ocean at nice resort, but with too many German smokers. Spent final night walking around Bangkok before flight. Relaxing after hectic Japan travels and bad hotels.
Turtle Rescue Place on a Military Base
Nice Late Day Beach From Hotel Waterfall on Jungle Hike Bangkok Temple Late Day Bangkok River
High Class Hotel Room Beach Dinner Near Hotel Nice Dusk Ocean Look Weird Sign to see in Thai Village
Need a Remote? Go to Bangkok Night Market Food Scary Seafood

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