Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.
--Mark Twain

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One of the main themes I enjoy exploring is sadness. It just seems to amuse me for some reason and I've had plenty of chances to document it's many forms.

Grab Bag

Potpourri of random things I find cool but not cool enough to be featured in the main grid.

Selected Awesome Music Video

Current selection is Spirit's "I Got A Line on You" featuring a spazzing Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on a stool which I never tire watching

Documentation of Sadness

College Roommate's 10-Hr Phone Call

Details a marathon 10 hour phone call (call 101-102). The interesting thing on this call is that he wasn't even talking to the chick he intended on calling, but her roommate.

52 Phone Call in One Day

Details an amazing quantity of calls in one day, 52 (not all shown). The tally for the month was 170 long-distance calls.

Overused Remote

Due to this individual's over-use of the programming button for taping Fresh Prince and Full House reruns, we had to use a car key to program the VCR.

Eric's First Fries

Remains one of the saddess commentaries on American society to come out of the Sunday coupons.

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