The following articles are regarding a recent (8/99) tussle between French farmers and McDonalds outlets in France. You be the judge on which side is more dispicable.

New York Times Op-Ed piece

USA Today

Syndicated from SF Chroncle

Marc's Comments: As much as I hate the Mc, I must take their side as the French are simply more revolting. My final thought about the French: I dislike them because a majority of them feel that being French is the most important and honorable thing in the world while my opinion is that one should focus on one's individual self for an identity. They wish to enact change which is against a free society in the name of what they feel is "right." Hey, I don't like Oprah and I think TV shows of this sort are pathetic and are an embarrasment to society, but I would never vow for them to be outlawed. The French need to learn about supply and demand and forget about trying to enact change for their personal interests which is philosophically wrong if we are to enjoy a free world.


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