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Trip taken 8/18-22/2010.  I took an extra day off to chill out for the day in Tuolume Meadows setting up my chair and reading and having some beers.  Then left my car at the terminus of our hike and took the nice, scencic, and cheap YARTS bus to Mammoth where I met Tony at the Mo 6 before leaving on the one-way trip.  Here's the route, from another group's trip, though ours was the reverse and we took more time.


Day 1 Scenery in Tuolumne Meadows:



Day 2: Devil's Postpile to Rosalie Lake


Day 3: Passed by Shadow, Garnet, and Ruby Lake.  Camped at 1000 Island Lake









Day 4: Storm behind us; over the Donahue Pass and camped at Upper Lyell Canyon






Day 5:  Fairly Flat Last Day, exit at Tuolumne Meadows




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