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This will be the spot where I place my favorite newspaper articles detailing the sleazy aspects of San Francisco. Now, I enjoy living in the city, but there is still a great amount of sleaze which the following stories capture nicely.

#1 All-time Favorite:
I don't foresee anything ever topping this piece on a porno theater vice raid from the Examiner March 2003.  I lament the end of the days when the Examiner could be counted on for great stuff like this.

Newest Addition (7/19/10):
I hadn't seen a good story in a while to add to this page, but the Chronicle came through with this one about the impending demolition of the Greyhound station and the trouble living inside it.  What will become Cat Man?  Stay tuned.

Previously my favorite one on the gutter known as Sixth Street from the Chronicle October 2001

This little gem on chronic homeless alcoholics and their frequent ambulance trips vaults into second place. Nice way for a city to spend $11 million while waking up everyone with sirens at all hours. If maggots make you squeamish, you might want to avoid this article.

Currently in third place, is this lovely description of how public toilets mean so much more to the street people of this city.

In fourth place, Dirty South's demise just another day in the life in the TL

Great article on Sixth Street men getting a free manicure. Excellent quotes in here!

Short observation from one of my favorites, the former Examiner man-about-town, Bruce Bellingham from December 8, 2003:
This was a first for me and I had to look twice: At Fisherman's Wharf on Saturday, a bearded, scruffy, middle-aged man managed to get into one of The City-owned concrete garbage cans at the corner of Powell & Jefferson and put the top back on, over himself. From within, he peeked out, holding a sign that read "White Trash," offering a grimy palm to tourists passing by. ... Imaginative but terrifying. ...

Nice picture from Chronicle of White Trash guy mentioned above.

Granny Gangs: The new criminal element plaguing Market Street

Story on Muni bus crash into a porno store that has some of the best quotes ever.

It's safe to say the Balwin Hotel is not AAA-approved, as seen in this article detailing more trouble on 6th Street.

For some positive aspects of the sleazy parts of the city, here's a case where a guy admirably perseveres to get out even though living in the sleaze with numerous influences to sink to the level of the gutter of those around him. I hope he makes it.

Nice massage parlor raid

Nice Scott Ostler piece on a sleazy motel in the Mission.


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