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Nice Lines

I am a huge fan of a good line and when I see one in an article, ad, or some other media, I like to share them.  Here's a few that I've relocated from off the main page and will add to as I see fit.

"He says Monster Cable has no plans to pursue thenew DreamWorks Animation film, "Monsters vs Aliens." Says Mr. Tognotti: "We do not have a concern if a company is using the word 'monster' in a purely descriptive sense to describe actual monsters."'
-- Lawyer from Monster Cable speaks about suing people for using "monster" in their product names.

An 18-year-old woman who allegedly pretended to be twin 12-year-old boys so she could date two adolescent girls pleaded not guilty today in San Mateo County Superior Court.
--Award for most confusing first sentence of an article ever.

"A lot of homeless don't want to be with snooty, rich people. You have to be respectful and not act like an idiot. If you're a derelict, they're going to call the cops on you. We're the upscale bums."
-- Beverly Hills bum on how to fit in with the rich, Homeless 90210

Seeing the true geographical relationships of all nations on this round replica of our world increases our understanding of their economic, social and political status, as well as their interdependence. It has been said that wider use of the globe among all peoples of the Earth could be a powerful instrument for peace..
-- "How to Use and Enjoy You Replogle Globe" pamphlet

You've Never Looked Smarter.
-- Slogan of breast implant maker, Allergan

"He's an intelligent man to talk to, but he smells like rat urine.''
an animal control officer regarding man who had 1000 pet rats in his home


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