God Bless the Net

There are many obvious reasons why the internet is good. But I’d like to focus on an aspect that
people might not think about unless they have as much idle time as I do.

The existence of the Internet permits many people to have crappy jobs and allow them to still
tolerate them for a long time. By “crappy”, I refer to jobs that are stupid, serve no purpose, and
have little or no work. Because of the Internet, one can do nothing all day, yet still surf a full day and
read worlds of information. For instance, on the days I have no work, I read the San Francisco
Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. The last two are stellar publications with
excellent features that normal people with real jobs aren’t able to have time for. I won’t go into
all the other items of interest on the net, as I’m sure you are aware of them, but basically, there
is so much interesting and useful stuff on the net, that one can occupy years doing nothing but
surfing at work. Here are a few of the things.

One can download free e-text books and read them on the screen while making them look like they are
emails being read. Vacation planning is a cinch with the net. Research your trip, book plane,
hotel, rental car from your cube. Chat with friends. A great thing about the net is that you can
email and chat silently (other than key strokes) so you can have discreet conversations which would
otherwise not be good to have via the telephone. Check you stocks, transfer funds, etc.

I firmly believe that there is no way I could have tolerated the patheticness of my various
employments were it not for the Internet What would I have done in the hundreds of hours the net
has occupied while I’ve been at work? Basically, I would have been forced to just do even more
useless work than I already do and have done in the past to occupy the time. I would have used the
phone more and probably taken longer lunches or more breaks, or tried to secretly read from a paper
book. But most likely, and I am pretty certain of this, I would have had to quit or been fired
quickly. So the Internet has allowed me to stand the sadness and actually enjoy it quite a bit.
When I think of the joy and efficiency in information movement the Internet provides me, along with
the fact that it allows me to stand the utter wasteland of a corporate world I am unfortunately a
part of, there is only one thought I have that can express my gratitude to this noble technology:
God Bless The Internet.

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