By popular demand (ok, just one person) the following ramblings related to work and other stuff of usually around 1000 words will appear in this space on a scattered basis, depending on subject matters presenting themselves and whether or not I have anything better to do. I must pay tribute to for the inspiration and I don't even attempt to match the brilliance which all must see on that esteemed site, one of the tops of all the internet. As I do not have my job doing no work at Kaiser any more, my writing will be less frequent, so I appologize. Hope you enjoy my mini-musings!

12/24/03: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

01/20/03: This Stinks!

10/19/02: Too Much Hockey

8/20/02: Gumming up the Works

8/19/02: Poor Planning

5/20/02: Ode to Oakland

4/19/02: On Shaving

3/14/02: It's Good to be the King, Part I

2/25/02: Water vs. Soda: An Ethical Conundrum

2/19/02: On Crass Crappers: Attackers of Menís Room Decorum

2/6/02: Human Irrational Price Sensitivity

2/4/02: The Lottery's Benefit to Society

1/22/02: God Bless the Internet

1/21/02: Disabled Morals

1/18/02: Just Enough Not To Get Fired


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