Below is a culmination of various information to help the curious Oakland luncher find the perfect place to eat.

The Original Oakland Lunch Chart - Where it all began. An Excel file documenting my 261 lunches while working in Oakland from 4/2001-6/2002.

Restaurant Reviews Capsules - Accessible also from the Excel chart, this is some short- to medium-length detail on the places I've eaten at in Oakland.

Guest Reviews - As I'm not working in Oakland any more, I rely on others to keep the state of Oakland lunching fresh. Select lunchers have the opportunity to post their findings in this spot. Contact the me to get your reviews considered for posting here.


2/10/2005: Jimbo's is no more. We all knew it was only a matter of time, but it's still a sad day. Great pics on this website! See Guest reviews for some more capsules from MP updated today.


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