All pictures are from 8/25/02 around 4pm. The fog was on the move in and it was COLD:

From Fort Point, near the spot made famous in Vertigo, the Golden Gate Bridge from below.

From a bit past Fort Point (fort is in bottom left of photo) another bridge shot.

From the roof of Fort Point, a nice shot of the north-east portion of the city. It was so windy up there, I almost fell off the step I was on shooting this.

Fort Mason, usually a nice sunny place to relax was cold by this time of the day.

From outside my apartment on the other side of the street, Coit Tower.

A close-up of the tower.

A look up Lombard, taken from Grant

From in front of my apt, another look at Lombard from an angle.

A look up Greenwich, from my corner.

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