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For a time, I was prolific and the Examiner didn't get many people writing in so I was getting a lot published.  But then I mellowed out a bit and now am less-often outraged enough to write in on topics, but
still do on occasion to the SF papers.

04/03/2018: On some proposal for easing property tax basis transfer for old people.

12/14/2014: Another Soda Tax one, but for LA Times so spread the gospel south.

10/14/2014: More Soda Tax, this on responding to Chron editorial in support of it. Surprised they printed as I am becoming a bit of a broken record on this.

10/12/2014: On a bit of a roll; Another on my favorite topic to rail against in the Chronicle, the Soda Tax.

10/09/2014: Major coup for me: First LA Times letter published on the Health Care Surcharge moving down south.

10/08/2014: Another bit of a layoff, but in the mood after reading opinion in Chronicle whining about bail being too high for poor people in jail.

12/15/2013: On a roll, my agreeing with article on SF columnist being mad at 49ers moving; another headline, bigger font, and picture illustrating my thoughts.

11/20/2013: Another Chronicle one, this being against the Soda Tax, got the honor of the headline, too.  On the "approved" list, I guess, because no call verifying I actually wrote it.

10/16/2013: Pointing out the lunacy of Berkely talk about banning smoking in single-family homes; Rare Chronicle publishing.

04/18/2012: Commenting on an article on the high price of lowering flags for half-mast to honor people which elicited my disdain

03/30/2012: A response to an article claiming SF Muni to be a great transit value.  Here's a rebuttal letter from the next day.  The following day, a rebuttal to this guy was there, but I don't have that one.

07/07/2011: My response to stories about people complaining about parking meter enforcement on holidays.

06/20/2011: Regarding the SF cab drivers' outrage over the fees for accepting credit cards.

09/03/2007: My agreeing with another guy who reminded me I missed part of the problem in 8/28 letter.

09/01/2007: My thoughts on "Spare the Air" day.

08/28/2007: After long layoff, I'm back with the lead letter on lack of traffic enforcement.

11/20/2005: The audio version of my November 20th 2005 published letter to the Chronicle film guy and his answer clipped from his weekly show.

07/27/2005: Complaint about the people opposing the building of a Home Depot

11/01/2004: Complaint about the politicians of this city siding with the annoying hotel protesters

05/04/2004: My agreement with an article railing on Bonds

03/21/2004: Plea to the Examiner to improve their ink

02/23/2004: Complaint about Candlestick Park

11/04/2003: My kudos to people who pick up their dog's crap

10/13/2003: My complaining about people stopping in the rush-hour towaway zone

08/21/2003: Regarding some guy complaining about the recall election being unfair to Grey Davis

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