North Coast Trip taken end of June 2011
5-day trip taken to Nicarugua in May 2011
Woodward Valley Loop hike in Pt. Reyes, May 2011
April 2011 Yosemite
Short camping trip in Stanislaus Nat. Forest off state route 108 in 2009
Ensenda Trip in 2006
Redwoods Coast Trip in October 2005
Snowshoe Hike in Tahoe where I got off-course a bit; trouble ensued
Moab Trip from May 2003
Zion, Part 2: Sept. 2004 trip with the main even being the Subway.
Sequoia Backpacking Trip late Sept. 2004, Lodgepole area
Moab Trip from May 2003
Lassen Volcanic Naional Park, October 2004. Serious Wind!

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