What's New?

4/08/18: New Letter to the Editor in Chronicle published
8/23/15: 2015 Backpacking Trip page
6/25/15: Begun 2015 Namibia trip page in format similar to Taboose trip
12/14/14: New LA Times Letters to Editor!
10/23/14: Beginning to upgrade deeper pages, starting with some Musings
10/12/14: 3 new Letters to Editor!
10/11/14: Major HTML5 Site Upgrade; New Backpacking Trip Slider Log
9/23/14: Long delayed start to posting Japan / Thailand Trip log from last year
06/09/14: Added two items into Twain page and replaced Milton Friedman with Twain; rearanged main grid a tad
12/15/13: 2 new letters to Chronicle.  They must really like my rants, or (more likely) they don't have a lot of writers.
11/16/13: New letter to editor in Chronicle published
9/13/13: Switch web hosts and domain registrar to namecheap.com
9/02/13: Almost a year delayed, but last year's Italy Pass backpacking trip.
9/03/12: Finished Morroco trip page
8/18/12: Another good bulk of Morroco pics added; more to do still
8/10/12: Belgium / Morocco Trip page start
6/11/12: Finally finished Europe page.
5/5/12: Getting Closer to Europe Trip page Completion
4/18/12: A couple new letters to the SF Examiner published recently.
1/16/12: Getting around to Europe Trip log, first leg posted
10/16/11: Finished up below page, changed up home page pic
9/1/11: Starting up the 2011 Utah / Grand Canyon trip page
7/17/11: Short North Coast Trip page
7/17/11: Another New Letter.
6/20/11: New Examiner Letter!
6/10/11: Put up some pics from Nicaragua trip on main page
5/25/11: Long delayed addition of August 2011 Mammoth to Yosemite backpack trip.
5/13/11: Cleaned up NWTrek page, added pages for short Yo trip and Pt. Reyes Hike pics, new shameful song liked.
8/29/10: Finished up Utah 4x4 Trip log.
8/8/10: Cleaned up main page a bit; created excerpt page for good lines.
8/8/10: Up through day 5 for Utah 4x4 trip log.
7/19/10: Been a while, but adding a new story to SF Sleaze page.
7/11/10: Started posting Utah 4x4 trip log
5/16/10: NZ site completed
5/16/10: Annoy blog now a subdomain due to blogger.com changes.  annoy.marcschoenfeld.com
2/09/10: Partially completed wix version of NZ trip photo log.
10/21/09: Sequoia Mineral King Backpacking trip page up.
10/18/09: Panama Trip from June, finally up.
9/29/09: A short trip pictorial of 2 night camping along 108 in the Stanislaus Forest.
7/15/09: Comments code placement on all pages.  (Thanks Tobia and Arnon for suggestion and free code)
7/07/09: Put conference call hold music and lyrics I wrote at prior job on main page, "Cool Stuff" section.
7/07/09: Uploaded audio commentary for Argentina trip report.
7/07/09: Finished Utah camping trip log mentioned below; changed up main page picture.
6/14/09: Started to post Grand Staircase Escalanted National Monument camping trip log.
05/23/09: Post-employment site cleanup underway: Megatrip, and other trip pages and other pages starting to clean up, fixing margins.
03/28/09: Organized Musings page a bit, minor cleanup to main page, dead link fix of audio on Megatrip page
01/10/09: Added a bad song by Daisy Duke to my side dishes page.
12/29/08: My first serious musing in a long time (unless you feel male bathroom reading is a serious topic)
12/28/08: All Argentina pics and brief commentary now up.
12/09/08: Argentina Trip Page initial posting has begun!
09/20/08: Added a new proud moment; new quote on main page; 2008 Sierra Hike Trip Page
07/01/08: New shameful song.
06/08/08: New musing after long layoff!
06/08/08: Updated bad smells minimusing.
05/26/08: Added a new item to my proudest achievements list.
03/27/08: Added a few item to the shameful songs page.
11/25/07: 2 new Little Bubbles signs I just noticed (or were put up recently)
11/12/07: Finished up posting trip pics from 10/27 initiation.
10/27/07: Started to post pics and some commentary on July/August backpacking trip.  Added some Twain Quotes.  Moved around some quotes on front page.
9/03/07: Put 3 new letters published in examiner, PDF files now.
8/31/07: finally got around to starting my trip log from the NWLoop
7/22/07: new food pics on main page; fixed dead links on Redwoods Trip page
4/10/07: new song of shame
1/15/07: Put link to list of signs in Little Bubbles laundromat
12/08/06: Day 12 and 13, NWtrek completed
12/05/06: Day 11, NWtrek completed.
11/25/06: Day 10, NWtrek completed. I've not been in a web posting mood lately, but hope to finish the rest of the days shortly.
9/18/06: Day 9, NWtrek completed
9/02/06: Day 8, NWtrek completed
8/31/06: BofA Bomb Threat Checklist, in Photos.
8/27/06: Day 7 NWtrek completed
8/20/06: Added to sadness section, a trouble ticket for a phone problem at work.
8/17/06: Started Ensenda page from April 2006 trip, in Photos section on main page.
8/17/06: Completed through day 6 of NWtrek log.
7/23/06: Activated the NWTrek link on main page and started up travelogue.
7/17/06: Completion of Rae Lakes Loop travelogue.
7/11/06: Good Times wav added to main page Cool Stuff section.
7/10/06: Started a new line on the main section grid for Northwest/Canadian Trek and Rae Lakes Loop trip; put initial photos and commentary on the latter up.
7/10/06: New picture on main page under title; new proud accomplishment item
7/08/06: Two new sleaze items added to bottom of page.
5/17/06: Put link to annoyblog in main grid
5/15/06: New item of sadness on main page.
5/9/06: Started conversion of Annoy Log to Blogger. After all old entries have been moved, will update link on site.
4/12/06: Fixed up a bunch of links and old page versions associated with the troublesome move from one server to another; put in new chat link on main page.
12/9/05: Finally finished up Redwoods trip log, added some annoyances and likes, put new picture on main page, audio clip from chronicle letter to film guy on examiner page.
11/3/05: A bit more added on the redwood trip, still more to go.
10/31/05: New page, proudest accomplishments in main grid; 600 Jackson Project moved down to food items.
10/19/05: More Redwood trip log done through beginning of day 2
10/17/05: Trip log in progress, Redwood Coast parks, link in Trips section of main page
10/5/05: New scum story on homeless alcoholics and their ambulance trips.
9/14/05: Final installment of Yo trip log done with some outstanding shots from the final Yo falls hike.
8/17/05: New shame song by Herman's Hermits.
8/17/05: Penultimate Yosemite photo upload.
8/17/05: Pictures of some meat I cooked on front page in food section.
8/14/05: New song added to shame page.
8/11/05: Made some corrections to Shame songs page. Had incorrect information about Bandit songs and also added another due to popular demand from European surfers.
8/2/05: More Yo photos; credit card cache photo on main page.
7/30/05: Updated incorrect labeling of antelopes to elks in Yellowstone photos, courtesy webform feedback.
7/30/05: Added new examiner page containing letters to editor with photos of editorial pages. Activated link on main page in grid.
7/22/05: Examiner links in SF Sleaze page updated to my backup text files or link changed to SF Independent which still is active.
7/22/05: Examiner link to my letters to the editor no longer works; took out link on homepage and will photo actual paper copies I have saved somewhere soon.
7/22/05: Put initial set of photos and trip log from Yosemite trip up, link on first page in grid with Portland.
7/16/05: Put all photos up my Portland trip page. Second portion of trip to Yosemite is next
6/14/05: 600 Jackson Project is complete, due to my refusal to go to the last 2 places that I know will be bad.
6/08/05: Put link to laundromat photo on home page.
6/08/05: Put link to a sad email I got at work recently on home page.
5/24/05: After long wait, another entry into the 600 Jackson Project
5/17/05: New quote on main page. New link for Twain quotes also.
5/12/05: Changed #7 in top 10 worst SF smells essay.
3/19/05: Sage advice from Hazzard Country denizen, Uncle Jesse.
2/15/05: The 600 Jackson Project is in progress, put in main page grid.
2/15/05: Put remainder of my 2005 New Years Vegas photos on main page.
2/15/05: Finally finished up documenting my Lassen trip from last October. Next on the agenda is the Moab trip from long ago where I only have pictures and no commentary.
2/10/05: Hit 100 annoyances today. Now will start a more positive list of little things that I like.
2/10/05: Minor updates to Oakland Food Guide Page
1/18/05: I've been saving up a torrent of annoyances so it deserves it's own update recognition on the home page. 14 input today.
1/2/05: Some additional vegas class photos from 2005 new years eve trip to $ onto main page.
12/25/04: Added Classy Raider Mom picture to Photo section on main page; made some minor main page fixes to spelling and links.
12/15/04: New Musing! On Constitutional Law!
11/17/04: Updated #10 in worst smell minimusing; minor miscellaneous changes to the list as well.
11/6/04: Put in main section grid a link to latest Dynomite high score jpg.
11/6/04: Put in main section grid a link to new things that annoy me log
10/13/04: Added Lassen Trip Log, in progress adding pictures...
9/28/04: Added Max's pix with my commentary to Zion2 Trip page.
9/28/04: Added page on Sequoia trip to Trip Log section of home page.
9/19/04: On home page, added some nice dialog and theme song from movie "Truck Turner" to Cool Stuff section.
9/19/04: Finished audio commentary on Megatrip
9/11/04: Audio commentary through day 5 now on Megatrip page
9/11/04: New Twain quote on home page
9/11/04: Zion Part 2 page added with shots and commentary from Sept. 2004 trip
9/11/04: Home page in photo section, put 2 shots of interesting salt formations resulting from a hot bike ride up Mt. Tam a week ago and Classy Raider Chick outfit
7/3/04: Audio commentary through day 2 of mega trip now on; corrected for some bad links in Sad Job Essay and other places
6/24/04: To main page, Redneck guy talking on Food Network about his plan to tend to the meat overnight at a BBQ contest in Shreveport, LA
6/23/04: In cool stuff on home page, put links of two songs showing ripoff of The Doors by Smash Mouth
6/17/04: put first two audio commentaries on Megatrip page; more to come
6/17/04: Updated Side Dishes / Sound Bytes page to remove bad links, added a view themes.
6/17/04: Added latest Sixth Street trouble to SF Sleaze; added link to picture of White Trash guy
6/12/04: Megatrip page mostly done.
3/29/04: Snowshoe Trek 3 was a success.
3/6/04: Added more Guest Reviews to Oakland Page
3/3/04: Chicken Coupon in food related items section
2/18/04: More Oakland Lunch Guest Reviews added
2/16/04: Added and Oakland Restaurant Page to hold food chart and guest reviews
2/16/04: Moved Uncle Jesse from Main Page to Sounds page; got rid of Greenspan
12/24/03: Put beta version of 2003 Moab Trip up.
12/24/03: New minimusing on getting old, not my best work, but ok.
12/24/03: Added a few new sleaze items of the SF Sleaze page.
12/24/03: Made some design enhancements to main page and musings page for easier navigation
11/9/03: Put link on main page to my published SF examiner letters to editor
11/9/03: Added a nice sleaze story on men's manicures
9/11/03: 2nd and final wave of Yellowstone pics done.
9/10/03: 1st wave of Yellowstone trip pictures
6/3/03: New Musing on craps, the casino game.
6/3/03: Added 4th SF Sleaze story.
3/31/03: Added 3rd SF Sleaze story.
3/31/03: Added Bulletin Board.
3/21/03: Added Chat module to home page
3/21/03: Made the server switch from schoenfeld.com to marcschoenfeld.com
3/15/03: SF Sleaze page added
3/10/03: Snowshoe Hike Photos
01/20/03: New Twain quote on opening page.
01/20/03: Added some more photos to Whitney page
01/20/03: Removed rollover from front page
01/20/03: This Stinks! new minimusing
12/18/02: Added new shameful song I like
10/19/02: New minimusing on too much ice hockey viewing
9/3/02: Starting to upload photos from Mt. Whitney hike
8/25/02: Tourist photos from new digital camera.
8/20/02: New minimusing on Gum.
8/19/02: New minimusing detailing some poor planning on my part.
7/18/02: Pic of me with my sworn enemy, but since I was on vacation, I called for a temporary truce. Also, some photos from Chester, Ill
7/15/02: Diagram of my rise up the corporate footstool added to main page
6/22/02: Changed quote on opening page; added some Twain quotes and redesigned Twain page for easier viewing.
6/10/02: Added some songs to Shame page, other site editing, cleanup
6/8/02: Converted all files hosted on Pac Bell to Earthlink.
6/8/02: To "Sad Job", added 2 more voice mails and a bad email to appendix.
6/6/02: New Musing on Sad Job
5/20/02: Added minimusing on Oakland.
4/19/02: Added WSJ article on expensive water to water vs. soda mm
4/19/02: New mm on shaving
3/14/02: New mm on urinals
2/25/02: New mm on getting free water at restaurants
2/19/02: New mm on disrespectful crappers in bathrooms
2/06/02: New mm on Irrational Price Sensitivity
2/04/02: New mm on The Lottery; Updated place details for Le Cheval and Quizno's; starting to reorder What's New.
1/18/02: Refreshed home page Twain fool quote with a new one
1/18/02: Added new mini-musings section, presented by Mr. Greenspan
01/15/02: Twain quotes from Hawaii link on Twain page.
01/15/02: WSJ Editorial relating to Discrimination essay on Musings page.
12/25/01: Added some more Twain stuff.
12/25/01: Caught up on some place details for the food chart.10/7/01: Added Twain link to front quote.
12/12/01: Fixed dead links related to Eric's First Fries on Mc list; removed onion link to Mc article as it is not there anymore.
12/12/01: Added another Twain quote on travel.
12/12/01: Updated 2 listings in food chart place details
11/17/01: Added another Twain quote on camels.
11/17/01: Experimenting with some advanced stuff; put rollover image of other hero, Milton Friedman to go with Greenspan
10/7/01: Added link to Forbes story on nothing workers relating to Nothing Essay.
10/7/01: Redesigned food chart Places Details for easier reading and put some more information in.
9/22/01: Redesigned front page slightly to make food chart more accessible.
9/22/01: Put great Twain passage on shaving in Musings
9/22/01: Put related NYT article to Discrimination essay in Musings.
9/16/01: On Musings page, added scan of Garrison Keillor essay related to work essay.
8/29/01: Added great quote from Mark Twain novel to Money for Nothing Essay.
8/12/01: Placed some more audio treats on sounds page, a Mr. Chau's commercial and Danny Devito lines from "Romancing the Stone."
8/12/01: Made Joker's Wild theme softer.
8/8/01: Replaced #12 on list of what to do at work when bored with survey link.
7/26/01: Added some graphs to food chart.
7/26/01: Added scan of Roberto's menu, circa 1996, to front page.
7/26/01: Added two short writings of mine from 1993 to manifesto/musings page, though not really in the spirit of the other items.
7/18/01: Added mail form to front page for comments and changed "last updated" date to manual entry
7/8/01: Replaced ICQ as alternate server after the bums at Geocities rudely canceled my account, but everything seems working again.
7/7/01: Placed "Bud Bundy" rap song on Shame page.
7/7/01: Changed title of "Musings" page to "Manifestos and Musings" to more accurately reflect the writings, plus other minor intro statement changes.
7/1/01: Completed essay on doing nothing-work, now in musings section.
7/1/01: Scanned in Vanna White Doll advertisement
7/1/01: Fixed problem requiring right-clicking for geocities-housed image files on front page, though small ad now appears. Regular clicking now works, but right clicking still needed for sound files on other pages.
7/1/01: Added side view photo of Tiajuna Car with me in background.
7/1/01: Put note warning people that the joker's wild theme song is louder than normal.
7/1/01: Put awesome Led Zeppelin jpg to be used as wallpaper of front page.
6/24/01: Scanned in OJ lawsuit letter.
6/24/01: Scanned in photo of French film guy.
6/24/01: Changed some of the text on main page, names of links
6/24/01: Scanned in funny "Meat Now" cat food ad.
6/22/01: Added food chart of my lunch eating in Oakland to main page.
6/22/01: Added pix of nasty flyer hat with sweat residue to main page.
6/22/01: Deleted main MP3 page due to universal access to MP3s which makes it no longer needed, but put link to shameful song page on front page.
6/22/01: Major overhaul of dessert page with new top 12 list, added links.
6/22/01: Added Black Knight 2000 pinball theme song, picture, and link to Side Dishes page. Also 2 versions of CHiPs theme songs.
6/22/01: Changed Greenspan's quote a tad.
6/1/01: Removed niece photos
10/28/00: Added Roberto's News to front page.
10/28/00: Added McBarge Photo to front page.
10/28/00: Added Phone Bill scans detailing former roommate sadness.
10/28/00: Added Carne Asada Nachos and Surf N' Turf Burrito Photo.
10/28/00: Added Photo of Tiajuna abandoned car.
5/21/00: Put Mr. Greenspan on front page. Changed location of files due to change from ATT Worldnet to Pac Bell ISP, which resulted in some problems still being worked out.
10/16/99: Added JPG of niece to home page.
10/16/99: Added JPGs of this guy from Tiajuna from whom I purchased a keychain from in 1997.
9/25/99: Added some articles demonstrating a fight between the French and the Mc to the bottom of the Top Ten Lists.
9/25/99: Added a 12th item to the Mc list, resulting from an ad I saw today on TV and was repulsive enough to receive its own entry.
9/25/99: Added my MP3 list to Main Course for anyone to request a personal sending of a song that I have.
9/25/99: Added new paper to Musings page, Easy Foul Balls: The Spoiling of a Generation.
9/25/99: Added quote from "War Games" to side dish page.
7/17/99: Added "What's New" link to opening page.
7/17/99: Added a special bonus Frenchman quote to Dessert page, France Top 11 list.

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